S.C. MONDIALA S.A. Satu Mare - General Presentation

The actual MONDIALA Company take it's rise in The "Munca" -the Tailors' Handicraft Co-operative System which was found in 1935 and changed the denomination in The "Mondiala" -Tailors' Handicraft Co-operative System in 1945.
The Co-operative System, having 25 workers, knew year by year a significant development regarding both the production and number of employees, reaching in 1959 to be integrated successfully in the industrial flow.
The MONDIALA Company gains a deserved prestige out of the country's frontiers beginning with 1960 when it was marked the first export order that consisted in children garment. Year by year, at the same time with the increase of products range and the quality of them, the export production was increasing, the number of country's with which we were co-operate passes beyond 10, from which we mention: Soviet Union, East Germany, West Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, England, Italy, Austria, USA.
The garment enterprise Mondiala was transformed in S.C. MONDIALA S.A., with complete state's capital in 1990 according to The Law 15/90 and Governmental Decision 1224/90, functioning in this form till 1995 when it became private.
Since 1995 the company was organized in 4 profit centres for a better organization and for increasing productivity.
Two centers are specialized in light wear products for women such as: blouses, skirts, trousers, dresses, and the next two are specialized in women's outerwear like: costume jackets, costumes, jackets and overcoats.
In this period there was emphasized the company's endowment with one of the most modern equipment both in the production and in the tailoring workshops, which had as result the increasing quality of both products and productivity.
For carrying out a 2 million pieces/year production the company has 60 work teams, 4 tailoring workshops with modern equipment, raw material and product storehouses and a workshop with embroidery, wadding and pleating machines.
The present production of MONDIALA Company is entirely for export, our co-operating partners being Steilmann from Germany and some companies from England (Next, Trump, Karpelle).
The product range is one of very great variety, producing especially women garment and sometimes children and men's wear.
The technical endowment of our equipment, the competence of the employees, the seriousness and punctuality have as result that S.C. MONDIALA S.A. gains renown in the field of garment.